Sunday, December 25, 2016

Seasons Greetings / Joyeuses Fêtes

Dear friends of the Isa Mundo Foundation,

This past year, with your support and contributions, we were able to help children, families, and communities in Mexico and the Philippines.

On behalf of all those who have benefited from your generosity, we at the Isa Mundo Foundation thank you wholeheartedly for your ongoing support and commitment to improving the present and future of so many.

We look forward to the upcoming year as we continue, together, to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Happy Holidays!


Chers amis de la fondation Isa Mundo,

Grâce à votre appui et vos contributions, nous avons pu faire une différence dans la vie de plusieurs enfants, familles et communautés du Mexique et des Philippines.

Tous les gens qui ont profité de votre générosité, ainsi que la Fondation Isa Mundo, vous sont reconnaissants et vous remercient d’avoir contribué à leur bien-être d’aujourd’hui et de demain.

Nous vous souhaitons tous de Joyeuses Fêtes!

Photo courtesy of Volcanes Primary School

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Certificate of Appreciation

During a trip to the Philippines, the Isa Mundo Foundation received a Certificate of Appreciation from Bambang Elementary School and the District of the Province of Bulakan for its contribution to bettering the education opportunities of students in Bambang.

The Isa Mundo Education Centre has been a tremendous success in Bambang with students accessing technology and information since 2009.  The IMEC has shown academic improvements from Grades 1-6 and continue to provide elementary students the opportunity to continue their studies at the high school level.

Isa Mundo provided additional laptops to the Bambang Elementary School and will assess how to expand the IMEC in 2017.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pasitos de Luz / Casa Connor Vist

Isa Mundo Foundation was able to visit Pasitos de Luz this week, our first visit in the facility since 2013. Pasitos de Luz remains as an inspiration - a daycare facility providing children with severe disabilities with a caring and loving environment.  The visit reminded us of the importance of our work and why we continue to support local projects in Mexico and we appreciated the time we spent with the children and the amazing staff and volunteers keeping the facility operational.
After leaving the the day care centre, we joined a group of supporters and traveled to Casa Connor, the newly constructed facility that will be the new home of Pasitos de Luz.  Seeing the transformation since our last visit was overwhelming as we have witnessed Casa Connor develop from an idea, breaking ground, slowly take shape and become one of the most iconic structures in the region. Peter and Teena Oudman and their team, along with their family, friends and supporters have successfully fulfilled a vision that a facility can be constructed that would support children with disabilities along with their families, and provide the proper care needed to improve their situations.

It was an honor to visit new Pasitos de Luz and its staff -and we look forward in continuing to support them in the future. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Volcanes School Site Visit

Isa  Mundo completed its last project site visit of 2016 with Volcanes school and had the opportunity to observe and listen to success stories of many students attending the school. The most promising part of the day was hearing stories of former students progressing past high school and into universities with students attending medical school, engineering and business. These stories are reasons why we support various initiatives at Volcanes and other IMECs as it provide students opportunities to continue beyond high school and become successful. The hope is that they return to Volcanes and contribute to their community in the future. Volcanes is without challenges - it continues to face funding gaps at different times of the year, and there are various on-going projects in need of completion. But both Art and Mayra Fumerton are determined to ensure Volcanes and its students receive the education they need and deserve.

We also visited the Volcanes Sewing School and saw first hand some of the hand made products being produced in this school. The women who have received training in sewing and design are now part of the economic make-up of the community and are contributing to the sustainability of the Volcanes School Projects.

We were also fortunate to have been joined by Ed and Jo-Ann Grainger for the site visit. The Graingers have become strong supporters of Isa Mundo the past two years and have donated not just their time and money but also their passion and energy to work with the Foundation. We admire all their support and efforts in Mexico in improving the lives of less fortunate children and families. They are an inspiration to us and others working in the PV area. Gracias!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mexico - Project Site Visit October 2016

We are happy to announce that Isa Mundo will be traveling in October to complete the last project site visit in Mexico in 2016.  This is an opportunity to receive updates from organizations and projects we are currently in partnership with.

Isa Mundo will be discussing the launch of the new App project developed by Appnovation with Volcanes Primary School. It will give us the opportunity to see first hand how this project will improve education, safety and communication issues both in school and community. We are excited to see the result of how an idea was formed into something concrete and implemented in the community. 

We will also visit Casa Connor, a newly built facility developed to serve and enrich the lives of children with physical and mental disabilities in the Jalisco State area.  We are delighted to have been invited to do a private tour of the facility before Casa Connor opens its doors to children, families, staff members, friends and supporters.

We will provide an update on-site

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Drupal and Isa Mundo Foundation

A great article on how Drupal will play a role in Isa Mundo's project in Mexico. Courtesy of our great friends at Appnovation.

To learn more about this project click on the image below.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Teresa Pires Award

We would like to congratulate Isa Mundo Foundation's Founder and Director, Paul Lorilla for being awarded the Teresa Pires Award. Paul was recognized for his commitment to indigenous issues at the Department of Canadian Heritage and his humanitarian efforts through the Isa Mundo Foundation.  The Teresa Pires recognition is part of the Department's Deputy Ministers' Award which recognizes a public servant who has inspired his peers and motivate others to give back to their communities.

As stated in his nomination: "Paul approaches his career work with the same passion, commitment and practicality that leads to his success with the Foundation - while creating an inclusive and sharing environment.  The way he has balanced his many roles has been an inspiration and makes him a true public servant'.


Monday, May 9, 2016

SWB Shoutout

Thank you to Soccer Without Borders for the Shoutout !!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Electronics Recycling Association

We have had a partnership with the Electronics Recycling Association (ERA) the past few years with the organization and its local staff becoming one of Isa Mundo's strongest collaborators.  Their focus on recycling electronic and technology products and donating them to various organizations that are in need, fits with our approach of: limiting supplies ending up in landfills; re-use products when possible; using technology to enhance and improve education; and become part of the larger community through volunteerism.

ERA's contribution to Isa Mundo Foundation has not gone unnoticed to the many students it has helped since 2013 in Mexico, Philippines, Nicaragua, Belize and beyond. The development of our Isa Mundo Education Centre (IMEC) is the start of our education projects in these countries, but without technological supplies and access to current information to enhance education beyond books - our IMECs would not be the success they are today. By having students access the internet for the first time and learn basic skills through Microsoft Office and hardware / software, their opportunities expand and education level improves.

We would like to again thank ERA for their support and commitment to improve education for less fortunate students worldwide.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Appnovation Partners with the Isa Mundo Foundation

Article written by Appnovation.

Appnovation, the global IT services firm that delivers innovative and creative open technology solutions, is pleased to announce their partnership with The Isa Mundo Foundation, part of their Corporate Citizenship program. The Isa Mundo Foundation is a global non-profit dedicated to supporting small, local, and international projects by partnering with civil society and other prominent influencers in communities around the world. Isa Mundo has three primary portfolios of engagement: youth, environment, and educational development.

To continue, please click on: Appnovation Partners with the Isa Mundo Foundation article.

Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 Project Site Visit - Coba

Today, Mundoers also traveled to Coba, about an hour bus ride from Tulum.  The town of Coba seems isolated but it has a great feel and passionate locals who are proud to live in an ancient Mayan City. We were able to see the important archaeological site and ruins that housed impressive pyramids, ball courts, temples and ancient roads.

Walking the town of Coba outside of the ruins we saw homes that incorporated ancient Mayan wall structures, small hotels, outdoor restaurants serving Mayan cuisines, a large plaza and a school.  There is a potential to partner with an organization already established in Coba working with locals citizens.

This has been a successful first project site visits for Isa Mundo and we will be assessing potential school projects in the area which will be our first in the state of Quintana Roo.  We will keep you updated on next steps and look forward to launching a project in the region.

Muchas gracias.

Friday, February 19, 2016

2016 Project Site Visit - Tulum Puebla

Isa Mundo Foundation is currently completing it's first Project Site Visit Trip of 2016.  We have decided to travel to Tulum Puebla and the town of Coba to assess potential projects in the future. Both towns are in the state of Quintana Roo

Tulum Puebla is located approximately 5KMs outside of the Tulum beach resorts and where most of the locals supporting the resort economy live and also where their businesses reside.  It is known for great restaurants, excellent Spanish schools, great plazas and to experience the day to day life of local community members and expats.

Mundoers walked every corner of the main town to see various schools and learning centres and observed challenges on accessibility of education for all of Tulum's children and youth. We were also able to visit the Tulum ruins - site of the only Mayan city built on a coast and one of the few protected by a wall. This visit will allow us to see the contrast between the town and the Mayan ruins of Coba, which we will visit in the next few days.

We will be assessing Tulum Puebla very closely as there are potential partnerships that can be established in this area that can have positive effects in the community.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Key to a Strong Partnership

The year 2016 is shaping up to be a busy yet productive year for Isa Mundo based on strong partnerships. We have been asked before the secret to our success in completing projects and it always comes down to strong partners and a willingness to collaborate based on mutual goals.

In order to find strong partners - we start with our similar approach to project completion and our five stages: to consult with community members and leaders on what is needed; find individuals and/or groups with mutual objectives; assess capacity of each group and strategize to deliver a project; find a way to keep it sustainable; and repeat!

As an example, we met a couple who volunteered in Mexico in 2014 and are big supporters of the Volcanes project in the PV area. When they approached us that they are able to help bring education supplies to the Volcanes school and community, we took the opportunity to meet and discuss what they see as both the success and challenge in doing humanitarian work in the area. This was a great opportunity to learn from the experience of two long time humanitarians and also to strike a potential partnership to support future projects in PV.

Ed and Jo-Ann Grainger have seen various community projects in Mexico through their mission and volunteer work and have been gracious in sharing their experience and ideas regarding project completions and how to approach future projects in Volcanes and surrounding areas. In 2015, Ed and Jo-Ann also became formal supporters of Isa Mundo by donating funds to the foundation to carry on our work.  This is a great example of how through direct contact and involvement with the same community and schools - strangers with similar interests find common bonds to collaborate further and formalize a partnership. So in our five stage approach - meeting them accomplished both stage two and three :-)

Gracias Ed and Jo-Ann for taking the time to work with us and support our work in Mexico.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Honourable Howard Pawley: 1934 - 2015

Blog written by Paul Lorilla

On December 30, 2015, The Honorable Howard Pawley passed away.  He was a lawyer, a professor, a provincial minister, the Premier of Manitoba and an Officer of the Order of Canada.  To me, I have always known him as Professor Pawley.

When I arrived at the University of Waterloo, there was only one class I wanted to attend, Professor Pawley’s Canadian Federalism: Past, Present and Future – the one that eventually shaped my path to become a public servant. He was so dedicated to this course that he would show up for a night class in front of 10-12 honours students while traveling to and from Windsor to Waterloo.  He was part of the University’s Stanley Knowles Visiting Professor in Canadian Studies and he had our attention from the moment he showed up on campus.  He was more than a professor, he entertained us with countless stories of his time as a Premier and discussions he had with Prime Minister Mulroney, various international leaders and diplomats, the life of a politician, the NAFTA debates and the Meech Lake Accord. Each class built a momentum that pitted our values and ideals about politics, policy and what it is to be Canadian. To this day, his class atmosphere produced one of the most valuable intellectual debates I have experienced and influenced the lens from which I view public service.  At Waterloo, he observed my passion for human rights, social justice, international development and indigenous issues.  He would often tell me that if there was one thing I could focus on and make a significant difference in the country, I should dedicate my time on indigenous policy – learn the history, build relationships, understand the culture and contribute to progressing our nation.
He is one of the most influential mentors in my life.  When I left Waterloo, he was my reference to attend Carleton University’s M.A. Program at School of Canadian Studies.  He suggested that I intern in various Government departments and one day, my passion may even lead to creating an organization that would help communities outside of Canada.  We did not agree on all things and surely debated his stance on various issues but rest assured, he cared for his students as evident in the way he kept emailing and asking about my family, my studies and my career progression. He was patient and respectful and was always a willing reference and an advisor if need be. He was also a visionary.

In 2003, I joined the federal public service.  I have dedicated more than a decade of my work on indigenous issues and currently a Senior Advisor, Aboriginal Affairs with the Department of Canadian Heritage. I am the Founder and Director of the Isa Mundo Foundation which was launched in 2005.  I know that all these endeavors were shaped in some way by Professor Pawley.  He always believed that I would find a way to contribute, his role was to support and inspire, which he did in countless ways.  In our last encounter, he reminded me to be a strong and compassionate public servant. To always consult, be inclusive and to stand for things I believed in.  I remember him telling me how Isa Mundo is a legacy I should be proud of and to continue the work despite the challenges and stress of directing a non-profit organization.  He said in the future, I will see generations of children and youth who benefited from our projects by providing opportunities to be able to contribute to their families, communities and nations. 

It took some time for me to digest the fact that I would no longer be able to contact Professor Pawley via email or see him in Ottawa from time to time. Upon his passing, I read accolades about his life’s work and I learned how respected and praised he was for his “ability to listen, to consult and to lead gently by consensus”.  As I read tributes for him, I am grateful that I was able to spend time and converse with Professor Pawley and so thankful for his friendship.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau summed it up best that Professor Pawley was "… a remarkable Canadian, widely respected for his championing of human rights, social justice, and economic development … his legacy will live on in the many advances our country has made toward achieving greater social justice for all."

Professor Pawley, through the Isa Mundo Foundation, I vow to continue to help those less fortunate in the world - as you have taught us all.  Rest in peace, you will be missed.
Photo courtesy of