Friday, February 19, 2016

2016 Project Site Visit - Tulum Puebla

Isa Mundo Foundation is currently completing it's first Project Site Visit Trip of 2016.  We have decided to travel to Tulum Puebla and the town of Coba to assess potential projects in the future. Both towns are in the state of Quintana Roo

Tulum Puebla is located approximately 5KMs outside of the Tulum beach resorts and where most of the locals supporting the resort economy live and also where their businesses reside.  It is known for great restaurants, excellent Spanish schools, great plazas and to experience the day to day life of local community members and expats.

Mundoers walked every corner of the main town to see various schools and learning centres and observed challenges on accessibility of education for all of Tulum's children and youth. We were also able to visit the Tulum ruins - site of the only Mayan city built on a coast and one of the few protected by a wall. This visit will allow us to see the contrast between the town and the Mayan ruins of Coba, which we will visit in the next few days.

We will be assessing Tulum Puebla very closely as there are potential partnerships that can be established in this area that can have positive effects in the community.