Wednesday, September 16, 2015

IMEC in Nicaragua

We are pleased to announce that we started the launch of an IMEC in Granada, Nicaragua. This will be the second one we have supported in the country.

This IMEC is in partnership with Soccer Without Borders (SWB) and discussions began in 2014 when SWB contacted Isa Mundo Foundation and requested to become a partner in their Granada Education Project.  With the support of Electronics Recycling Association and UPS Shipping - we were able to send the first 7 laptops to Granada to assess how the IMEC can support the SWB's education project.  We will monitor the progress and begin discussions on how to improve and expand the IMEC permanently.

We are excited to partner with SWB as we expand the IMEC concept in Latin America. As SWB stated:

"We are thrilled to partner with the Isa Mundo Foundation to bring much-needed education and technology resources to our program in Granada, Nicaragua. Research shows that the expected lifetime income for girls in the developing world increases 15-20% with each additional year of secondary school completed. Unfortunately, in Nicaragua, the secondary school enrollment rate is just 45%. With support from Isa Mundo, the education program at Futbol Sin Fronteras Granada is prepared to rise to the challenge of making sure that all of our girls graduate secondary school, opening doors to more professional options for a brighter future."

To learn more about SWB's project click on the link to their Granada Education Program.