Friday, September 22, 2023

Disaster Relief Appeal - Red Cross Partnership

The month of September saw two natural disasters that resulted in unimaginable loss that will impact communities for years to come. On September 8, a deadly earthquake of 6.8 magnitude struck Morocco’s Atlas Mountain region killing more than 3000 people and injuring thousands. For a week, remote villages remain without aid due to challenging road conditions.  

A few days later on September 11, Storm Daniel fell on northeastern Libya causing dams to break which devastated two cities killing an estimated 11,000 with thousands more missing. The city of Derna was hardest hit with a quarter of the city washed away by the water and entire neighbourhoods destroyed. With damaged roads and lack of communication due to power lines down, rescue workers and foreign aid volunteers have faced many challenges to help those in need.

Isa Mundo has committed to raise funds in partnership with Red Cross to support those who have lost everything in both Morocco and Libya. We are aware of the complex political situations where natural disasters affect many communities and families and Isa Mundo will continue to support communities where we have capacity to do so. We chosen to partner with Red Cross over the years because the organization and its local Red Crescent teams worldwide have their own staff and volunteers who are trained to respond to large-scale disaster operations. 

There are two ways to help support our fundraising efforts: 1) donate to Isa Mundo Foundation by clicking our Donate link; 2) donate directly to Red Cross and choose Morocco, Libya or both to assists the organization’s efforts to raise funds. When donating to Isa Mundo, we will collect all funds which are then matched by Red Cross. Please click on the different links below and choose your preferred option.

We will be monitoring all donations for 30 days and reach out to Red Cross when we complete our fundraising. Thank you for your support as always in improving the lives of those less fortunate in the world.