Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Isa Mundo Live/Work/Gathering Space

In partnership with the start up company Rohe Homes, Isa Mundo is completing the construction of a modular structure that will be a combination of a live / work and in the future, a gathering space for volunteers and members committed to continue the work we do locally and internationally. We have chosen the Cariboo Region (Rail Lake) to construct the space and invite other start up companies, established businesses and local contractors to partner and collaborate with us. The location posed challenges in ordering supplies, shipping materials and bringing contractors due to the distance from our office and location in Vancouver. But nonetheless, we committed to finishing the project and will invite local organizations to work with us in the future to serve and support communities in the Cariboo Region.

We are thankful for companies such as Rohe Homes who partnered with us and their interest in piloting a project in the region that is affordable, mobile, and a strong focus on sustainable homes. We are grateful for another start up company Rainstick Shower (Sean and Alisha) who brought forth a shower system that will allow homes to use 80% less water and energy. We also want to thank OGO Toilets who partnered with us to try one of their sustainable sanitation composting systems that is oderless and created for off-grid living. We will assess these products as a group with the hope of bringing them to communities we support globally that are in need of simple sanitation systems, water conservation and energy consumption.

To learn more about our partners, click on the links below:

We will keep you all updated as we progress and complete this project in the Carbioo Region.