Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Project Site Visit - Mexico 2014

We completed our first project site visits of 2014 by visiting 3 projects in the Puerto Vallarta area.

The first visit was a trip to see the new Casa Connor project being constructed. The facility will be providing services to children with disabilities and in partnership with Pasitos de Luz.  We were very impressed with the construction and the positive impact it will have for many children and their families.

We were also able to visit the new site being constructed by the Families of the Dump organization. This facility will be a 70-unit housing and community learning center on a street called Hope Road. It will house 500 men, woman and children, giving many, for the first time, true sheltered homes with with many services and amenities.

Lastly, we visited the Volcanes Primary School and donated laptops that we hope will provide additional support to their education projects.  The visit also allowed us to assess potential projects that could be completed by the180th Pacific Coast Scout Group (Rovers) during their visit to Puerto Vallarta in May 2014. In addition, we were able to discuss how to implement our Life Skills Program in partnership with local teachers at the Volcanes Primary School.

We will keep you all updated as these projects progress.