Monday, April 1, 2019

Hola Yelapa !

We are happy to report that the first official visit by the Isa Mundo Foundation to formally assess future projects in Yelapa, Mexico was completed in March 2019.  Isa Mundo provided support in coordinating the Global Youth Leadership Network's (GYLN)  travel to Yelapa to learn more about the community, education challenges and how to improve the situation of students. This was GYLN members' first trip to Yelapa and opened their eyes to challenges and possibilities of supporting projects in a different geographical location outside of the Puerto Vallarta region.

We were pleased to meet Kelley-Ann Chesley, the coordinator and lead of various school initiatives in Yelapa and we were impressed with the level of knowledge and patience she showed us during this visit.  We are grateful for the effort she provided in setting up discussions with local leaders, invitations to events, a walking tour of the village and arranging meetings with teachers and students.  We could not ask for more that what we experienced and wished we had more time to spend in Yelapa.

As Isa Mundo assessed in 2015-2017 and observed in this visit, Yelapa presents some challenges due to its location and logistic of bringing supplies, materials and volunteers to the community. There would be additional costs to consider when volunteering as budget for accommodation, transportation, meals etc. would be additional to costs while also traveling and staying in the main Puerto Vallarta area.  One thing not lacking in Yelapa are passionate local members and expats who are committed to improve and develop the village to be a thriving and healthy community for residents and visitors. We observed that everyone dedicates time they have ensuring that children and youth have access to a good education. 

Isa Mundo is committed to support projects in Yelapa and we are looking forward to find additional funds and in-kind donations to support Kelley-Ann and her small team as she gives so much of her time to volunteer in the community.  We believe that strong local leadership is one of the most important aspects of any successful international project and local coordinators are often the last to be supported and compensated for their volunteer time.

To learn more about these projects visit the Yelapa School Project website.

Gracias / Thank you.