Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Holidays from the Isa Mundo Foundation

We would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and all the best in 2013.

It has been a year of project maintenance for the Foundation as we begin to asses how to further support our on-going projects since 2006.  As with all not for profit and charitable organizations, attainment of financial support and funds has been a challenge the past two years as the global economic recession has had an impact on fundraising and grant contributions.  But despite this, Isa Mundo continues to complete projects and found ways to help establish another Isa Mundo Education Centre in Sinacaban region in the Philippines this year.  We think that this speaks to the unique approach of the Foundation and its reliance on partnerships rather than solely on grants and fundraising.

Our success in partnering with businesses, corporations and individuals with specific skill sets has allowed us to grow without increasing costs and by focusing on in-kind donations of supplies and human resources.  This has proven to be less stressful than fundraising and waiting for grants.  As one of our mentors often said " poverty never sleeps " so we need to be innovative and ensure we keep completing projects and find different ways to complete our work.

As an example, we are working on developing the first Isa Mundo Foundation Life Skills Program that we hope to launch in our schools and other child centred facilities.  This will require research, editing, partnering with an academic insititution and working with one of our not for profit organizations in Latin America to pilot the program.  The cost would be minimal as everything is donated in-kind, including printing of the workbooks. But the end result of this simple project could be very relevant in supporting our on-going programs and education curriculum to improve the lives of children and students.

Our approach is simple and we intend to continue following the same path in 2013 but also mindful that we need to keep progressing and attract new members and volunteers with fresh ideas and skills.

We would like to thank our families, friends and members for your continued support. Our success is driven by your commitment to believe in our vision and work.  We wish you all a  healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2013 !!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Maligayang Paslit 2012

Isa Mundo Foundation has again partnered with the Bambang Youth Organization in Bambang, Bulacan Philippines. The annual Maligayang Paslit celebration is a fun filled event that invites children and youth on December 24th of each year.  It's an event to motivate and inpsire the youth of Bambang to be active and be involved in their community.  

This is the 13th Maligayang Paslit and the event has grown each year and it is estimated tht over 1000 children and yoth will participate this year.

Isa Mundo has been a partner since 2006 and has become on the major supporters of the annual celebation.  We will post photos and summary of the event in the new year.