Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hidden Well

Blog contributed by Elaine Su and Nicole Treitz. of Hidden Well

Hidden Well is a non-profit educational organization based in Vancouver, B.C., that is devoted to redefining the relationship between schools and their wider communities. In the eyes of BC Educators and Hidden Well Founders, Elayn Su and Nicole Treitz, isolation is one of the greatest obstacles to meaningful education. Teachers are isolated within classrooms, as are students within desks, and schools within communities. By encouraging teachers, students, and schools to knock down walls and embrace their wider communities, the potential for individual and community transformation is vast.
The goal of Hidden Well is to challenge current conventions within Canadian schools and to work collaboratively toward solutions for more meaningful, authentic, and interactive learning opportunities. To kickstart relationship building between schools and communities, Elayn and Nicole reached out to community members, leaders, and organizations and were humbled by their readiness to be involved in collaborative education. Imagine the potential for impactful learning and engagement when we all work together!
Hidden Well currently offers several programs that serve to encourage increased collaboration between learners and their surroundings. The School Resource Mapping program helps schools identify how partnering with local community members and organizations will support learning and satisfy provincial learning outcomes. Mentor Matching helps connect students with local professionals than can provide content specific or general guidance and hands on experience.
Most recently, Hidden Well developed a youth leadership program called Changemakers: Me, My Community, The World. Changemakers is a three-level program that is focused on social justice, leadership, and responsible citizenship. Throughout this program, youth meaningfully engage with their local and global communities and develop their roles as informed, active, and contributing citizens. Perhaps one day Hidden Well’s Changemakers can collaborate with Isa Mundo on one of their many incredible international projects!
Hidden Well hosts many dreams and visions for education and is continually enriched through new connections and voices. Fun Fact: Some of Hidden Well’s best dreaming is rooted in long talks over mochas with Isa Mundo Founder and Director, Paul Lorilla! It is the integrity, ambition, and good work of friends like Paul that continue to inspire big dreams! 
Learn more at: hiddenwell.org