Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Yelapa School

In the past year, we have been in discussion with educators in Yelapa, Mexico to launch a new education project in this village located within the Bay of Banderas (Puerto Vallarta region). We have sent two volunteers to assess the situation and capacity of the school and its supporters and believe that there is an opportunity to begin a partnership in the coming year. 

Yelapa is one of the few remaining "Communidas" in Mexico, a population of approximately 2,000 that is located on the coast line south of Puerto Vallarta. Accessible only by boat and water taxi, there are no roads into the village and people still rely on horses, mules, wheelbarrows and more recently ATVs for transportation. It was not until 2001 that Yelapa was able to access electricity for the first time bringing with it communication (telephone) and internet connection that significantly shifted the way villagers lived their lives. 

Yelapa remains a small, unique and diverse community. There is a strong and vibrant population living along the Tuito river, which divides the town from the beach and river neighborhoods. Like all communities, it has its disparity, not only in the standard of living and opportunities available to children and families but also barrier to accessing resources for learning and higher education due to its geographical isolation.
Teachers and volunteers are committed to ensure that students in Yelapa receive basic primary education in the village, without having to travel to Puerto Vallarta or other colonias.  We are supportive of improving the school curriculum and providing technological supplies within our capacity. During the November project site visit initiative - Isa Mundo was able to donate the first batch of laptops to Yelapa as a gesture of goodwill and continue discussions on the potential launch of the first Isa Mundo Education Centre in the village of Yelapa.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Mexico Project Site Visits

We are set to return to Mexico and in the beautiful and culturally rich state of Jalisco and Puerto Vallarta region.  Isa Mundo projects in the area have become example of success stories for the Foundation where our school projects are doing well, child centred facilities are built and new projects continue to be launched.  Non profit organizations are well supported in the region with international volunteer groups providing additional support.

We will be visiting Pasitos de Luz (Casa Connor) and a new education project in Boca de Tomatlan. We will be donating much needed laptops to a school in Yelapa and hope to officially launch a project in the village in the near future. We will provide update on site as we meet up with our dedicated friends and partners in Mexico.