Sunday, June 2, 2019

Empowerment International

We would like to highlight the Empowerment International (EI), an organization based in Granada, Nicaragua.  It has been years since we last visited EI but we are hoping to do so in the near future.  We are happy to update that the program we helped launched at EI is still going strong and the IMEC is operational and being used by students. 

We will be reaching out to EI this year to help provide additional support and upgrade laptops, devices and other educational tools needed.  EI also has the ability to do mobile or home visits as part of its education program which increases its reach in providing opportunities for children who cannot make the travel to city of Granada.  We want to explore how we can support this important initiative.  

To see the IMEC in EI, visit the Computer Lab – Program Site and to learn more about the organization, click on