Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mi Bébé y Yo Update

In 2008, a home based business called Nurtured located in Nova Scotia, donated diaper pins and other supplies to the Mi Bébé y Yo organization based in Mexico.  The group was established to help less fortuante people by putting together gift baskets for mothers and new born babies in the Guadalajara region.

Nurtured eventually opened its retail location in Halifax in 2009 and under new ownership, it opened a new renovated space that almost doubled the original size of the store in 2011.  Isa Mundo contacted Nurtured this year to once again ask for their support and they provided much needed diaper pins and diapers that will be shipped to the organization and distributed to the mothers and newborns in Guadalajara.

We would like to thank Nurtured for their contribution and continued support. For all the parents out there looking for environmentally sustainable products provided by a Canadian based company, please visit their website at 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Canada!

On July 1, 2012, Canada celebrated it's 145th birthday. Governor General David Johnston praised Canadians as hard workers who contribute to their communities and the betterment of Canada. 

According to Imagine Canada, "Canadians are generous and engaged with their communities. They donate their time, money, energy and skills to the causes that matter to them the most. These individuals are the foundational support for Canada’s more than 165,000 charities and nonprofits which in turn support our communities’ social fabric and quality-of-life". 

So on this Canada Day, the Isa Mundo  Foundation would also like to thank all passionate Canadians for continuing to support not-for-profit organizations both in Canada and internationally.  Happy Canada Day to everyone!