Saturday, February 4, 2023

Maligayang Paslit 2022

We wanted to provide an update regarding the very successful Maligayang Paslit 2022 in Bambang Bulakan. As most of you know, our Founder and Director, Paul Lorilla was born and raised in this small village and grew up surrounded by rice fields and fish farms. He spent many of childhood years in the elementary school and church grounds studying, farming and playing basketball. When Isa Mundo was launched in 2006, his first projects were in Bambang, with Maligayang Paslit being one of the first projects he funded and supported that focused on having an annual one day celebration for children and students in his village. This pre-Christmas gathering allow less fortunate children and families to have a day of games, singing, food and gifts and to be together in safe space.

Paul was back in Bambang December 2022 to contribute and support the celebration and provided the food to 300+ children and family members. Maligayang Paslit is a project close to our hearts as we know that the sharing and focus on children and youth in this village, is what inspired our Founder to launch Isa Mundo.

We hope to continue to support this celebration annually and ensure the children and families in Bambang have one special day to look forward to on behalf of Isa Mundo.