Monday, July 20, 2009

The Puerto Vallarta Dump is officially closed

We want to let you know that the Puerto Vallarta city dump closed in June. Several hundred people were working at the dump and unfortunately, this is going to intensify the poverty of the families living in the area around, since for many of them, the dump was their only source of income and support for their families. The people who use to work at the dump will now have to find other ways to provide for their families, meaning that some of the children, who were attending school, may be forced to work along side their parents to help provide for their families.

As a result, the organization officially changed its’ name to Feed the Children Vallarta (I know that some of you will be happy to hear about the name change!); they are no longer Children of the Dump; they are students and champions of Feed the Children Vallarta.

We will continue to provide yearly support to the School of Champions, which serves the children of the communities around the dump.