Monday, November 11, 2019

Isa Mundo Mexico Visit

Mundoers are currently in Mexico to complete the last visit of 2019 in Jalisco State. It has been a successful year with renewed partnerships with the Global Young Leaders Network (GYLN), Air Transat, Grainger Wealth Management and passionate individuals.

We visited Boca de Tomatlan school and continue to be impressed with the positive influence of the IMEC in improving the educational opportunities of students in Boca. The IMEC has become a hub of activities with the small library, access to laptops, English classes and art and craft sessions. We hope to continue supporting the IMEC and strengthen the partnership with GYLN to collaborate on future projects. One objective is to find a way to fund a part-time teacher to assist the lead teacher, Cynthia Leigh - in keeping the learning centre and school activities operating.

We also traveled to visit Pasitos de Luz at Casa Connor and were inspired by the staff and volunteers doing so much for the children in this amazing facility. The children are nurtured in a healthy and loving environment supported by community members, caregivers, health experts and visitors who donate time and financial contributions to improve the situation of the children.

We will continue to support and promote these projects to our network of funders and volunteers and look forward to our next visit in 2020.