Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Muchas Gracias to Volunteers

During the month of November, a number of travelers from Vancouver heading to Mexico have volunteered to take laptops to the Volcanes Primary School.  Mexico customs regulations only allow 2 laptops per person upon arrival to the country which limit the number of laptops we can bring during our travels.  With the help of travelers willing to take laptops with them, we have sent an additional 10 laptops to support our IMEC at Volcanes.

We are currently in discussions with local organizations in Mexico and Latin America on how to efficiently expedite the shipping of electronic, laptops and educational supplies to schools and child centred facilities we partner with.  This would require us to communicate with organizations, embassies and customs to find ways to work together.

Thank you again to all the travelers who volunteered to take supplies to Mexico and beyond. Your contribution is making a difference in the lives of students and communities.