Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Mother's Determination

"There's nothing more wonderful that seeing your child get better"

We spend hours each week reading articles and publications in journals, magazines, blogs and newspapers. We also watch videos, posts, lectures and documentaries relating to development, poverty, education, health and environment.  These are the tools we need to arm ourselves with knowledge and to be aware of current activities and news worldwide. It also allows us to learn of new initiatives, potential partnerships and to be inspired by organizations completing great projects.

Today, we read a story in the UNICEF website about a family in the village of Banda that reminded us of our own vision and work.  The short article highlighted the importance of having strong local community members being supported by an outside organization such as UNICEF.

As the story concluded "These brave mothers needed our help and thanks to the support of donors like you, we were able to provide it. Together, our support has meant that children like Adoun can walk again, smile back at their mothers, and – when they are older – help build the resilience of their country".

To read this short story, visit www.unicef.ca.