Saturday, May 22, 2021

Boletín: Working with Love - Pasitos de Luz @ Casa Connor Update

It is with joy and celebration that we share the great news that Pasitos de Luz @ Casa Connor has opened its doors again to staff, volunteers, community members and of course, the children and youth who needs its nurturing, care and services. 

Since the COVID pandemic restrictions and lock-downs began March 2020 in Mexico and globally, businesses have struggled and charitable contributions decreased in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas. This is one region where travel restrictions and lack of tourists have had a tremendous impact socially and economically. Pasitos de Luz and Casa Connor adapted its operations and services, patiently awaiting to re-open and provide much needed support to children and youth in the community. It is due to its committed and passionate supporters and friends that the facility and its important programs and services remained intact and now once again, ready to provide the love and care to families and communities.

Isa Mundo members are looking forward to returning to the region to visit Pasitos de Luz @ Casa Connor and re-establish relationships with its staff, volunteers and the wonderful children. We call on all our network and supporters to provide what you are able to this wonderful program and facility.

To learn more about about the re-opening of Pasitos de Luz@Casa Connor and to support and fund its needs and priorities, please go to - Boletín : Working with Love.