Sunday, October 11, 2020

Boca de Tomatlan Food Bank

We are continuing our efforts to support communities we serve in Mexico, including Boca de Tomatlan. In the past few years, we have committed to develop an education project in Boca and successfully launched Isa Mundo Education Centre (IMEC) with the support of the Global Young Leaders Network. We have been gathering education supplies and technology to bring to Boca when the COVID lockdown hit.

The Boca community has been hit hard by the COVID lockdown with businesses suffering due to the lack of tourism and its trickle down effect on service industry and other jobs. This has resulted in local organizations in the region coming together to launch the Boca Food Bank to help support citizens who are most vulnerable. 

Isa Mundo has been working with local businesses and our members to collect funds to donate to the Boca Food Bank and support food delivery in the community. We would like to thank folks who have already contributed and invite others to join in providing much needed help to those less fortunate in Boca de Tomatlan. 

To learn more about the Boca Food Bank and ways to donate, visit Collectivo Viva Boca.