Sunday, April 17, 2022

Hola Entreamigos!

Isa Mundo was able to travel to San Francisco, Nayarit this month to visit a local and important non profit organization called Entremigos. This organization was founded in 2006 in the town the locals call, San Pancho and was launched as a space to teach arts and crafts to local youth and citizens. But with commitment and passion from volunteers, expats, tourists, businesses and other non profit organizations, Entreamigos is now an important institution that has a strong focus on environmentalism, education, families and community development.
This evident in its large facility that has been renovated and designed from mostly recycled and re-claimed materials. Entreamigos also has a coffee shop, library, retail shops and an impressive recycling program that provide employment and skills to local citizens and entrepreneurs. 

During Isa Mundo's visit, we learned about the commitment of Entreamigos to limit as much waste as possible from going to landfills, to collect as much recyclable plastic, paper, bottles and other materials
by partnering with businesses, residents and tourists to ensure San Pancho can be a model for environmental and conservation initiatives. Through education and job creation, Entreamigos has expanded its model to other communities in the Jalisco and Nayarit region.

Isa Mundo donated much needed school supplies and laptops during its visit and we are now assessing how we can provide additional support in the future. We hope to return this year to Entreamigos and begin to strengthen our relationship with the organization and the community of San Pancho. Visit the Entreamigos website to learn more about its story and commitment in environmental sustainability. 

Thank you / Gracias.