Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bon Voyage to Big Mountain Youth Society

The Big Mountain Youth Society (BMYS) is one of Isa Mundo Foundation's newest partners in 2013. A group of students and teachers will be travelling to Ara, Indonesia, a small village on the island of Sulawesi to help a local community develop a media and technology centre for school children.  BMYS's students have been fundraising for computers and other materials to help make the project a reality.

The BMYS is a not for profit youth organization founded by the Directors of Little Mountain Learning Academy. Their purpose is to give back to the global community through social action.  The BMYS describes their goal as having: 

"students learn about social justice, the anti-oppression framework, and how to become globally and critically aware leaders of their generation. The program aims to give students the chance to learn beyond the confines of classroom curriculum and walls"

Isa Mundo Foundation donated various school supplies to this project to lend our support and to establish a partnership that we hope would carry over to future projects led by BMYS.

To follow the BMYS group, click on their Big Mountain Youth Society Blog.