Tuesday, July 2, 2013

St. George's School Peru Project

Isa Mundo Foundation has partnered with St. George's School in Vancouver, BC in order to complete the IMEC project in Peru.  A group of Grade 10 and 11 students from St. George’s School are participating in an international service trip to Peru to build greenhouses in the village of Miski Uno.  The group is working in partnership with Peru's Challenge, the same organization we are partnering with to build the first IMEC in Peru.  The School has also built similar greenhouses in Pumamarca where the IMEC is being constructed.

The St. George's School group offered to take our netbooks, projector, banner and other school supplies to Peru and deliver them to Peru's Challenge.  This will save us shipping costs and ensure that all supplies arrive safely at the school.  We hope to work with the group in the future and find ways to support their initiatives. We value the approach of the School's vision and also feel that their " initiative to support this community is a rare opportunity for St. George’s students to expand their global perspective while providing an entire village with the means to lead more sustainable lives"

To learn more about their project in Peru, visit the St. George's School Peru Service Tour Blog