Thursday, January 11, 2024

Turtle Conservation Projects

Isa Mundo volunteers were able to visit, learn and participate in a turtle conservation project in the Bay of Banderas region in Mexico. We first visited a small local site in San Pancho where we learned how a certified volunteer can operate a camp and begin to teach and educate both local and international volunteers to assist with operating a turtle conservation camp. It was very informative to know how local developers, home owners, tourists, volunteers and non profit groups work together to ensure the location where turtle mamas lay their eggs are safe and secured. We were impressed with organization of the small camp in San Pancho and participated in the release at sunset joined by volunteers and supporters. 

Our second visit was at the Campamento Tortuguero Boca de Tomates which is in the Marina Vallarta region of the Bay. This is a more established site with outdoor workshop space for new volunteers and tourists to first learn about the camp and conservation work being done prior to the release of baby turtles. The camp also provides simple and basic housing for volunteers who are assisting on a more permanent or monthly basis, including students who are doing research on marine conservation and turtle protection. The camp operates on donations and support from local businesses and surrounding resorts and developers. The camp is located in a beautiful part of the Bay, surrounded by mangroves and away from major structures. 

Isa Mundo committed to support both camps and will be working in partnership this year with other conservation groups to assist the important work being done in the Bay of Banderas region. We would like to thank both Joleen and Charly for their patience and taking the time to show and teach us about this important initiative and the strong collaboration with local community members and dedicated volunteers. 

To learn more, work visit the Campamento Tortugeor Boca de Tomates FB Page.

Thank you / Gracias!