Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Conservation Projects in Mexico

Isa Mundo Foundation will be making its last site and project visits of the year in Mexico with visits to San Pancho, Bucerias, Barra de Navidad and Yelapa. We are very excited and committed to meet and engage with local non profit organizations that focus on marine conservation and turtle rescue and release programs. Over the pat 5 years, Isa Mundo has been approached by various local community members and groups in the Bahia de Banderas region looking for support and partnership to continue the important work and efforts that have been established by committed and passionate peoples. 

The Banderas Bay region has been a nesting ground for turtles for years and turtle mamas continue to lay their eggs all over the beaches of Banderas and their turtle hatchings make the challenging journey from beach to ocean until they return again to the same place they were born. This process is challenging enough with natural predators, waves and human influenced changes in marine ecosystem. In addition, the Bay of Banderas region continues to progress with increased population and resort and housing developments that take away protected areas for turtles to lay their eggs and for babies to hatch and make their journey to the water.

But through the efforts and commitment of community members and groups, education and promotion of the importance of protecting turtles are beginning to make a difference. Resorts and developers are collaborating with ecological groups to set aside protected areas. Non profit organizations have set up tours and camps for tourists, businesses and schools to visit turtle camps and participate in release programs to see learn and see first hand the work that entails to save turtles in the region.

Isa Mundo will visit these organizations next month and will commit to support and perhaps launch our very own Isa Mundo Turtle Release Programs in the region. We look forward to meeting our friends doing this work and we thank them in advance for engaging and hosting us. We will provide an update while on site in beautiful Mexico.

Thank you / Gracias!