Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The Food Bank(s)

With the slow post-pandemic economic recovery, rising interest rates and on-going inflation, along with political and social instabilities internationally, the number of citizens using food banks globally have surged. In Canada, the low social assistance rates are key factors in so many Canadians relying on Food Banks. As an example, Food Banks Canada stated that in world class cities in the Greater Vancouver, BC region- there has been a 29% increase in accessing food bank services from 2021-2022 resulting in over 1000 people a month registering to use food banks. We need to support all local Food Banks across the country and locally where we live and work to ensure everyone has access to basic food for sustenance and proper nutritious foods for those who have dietary concerns.

Since the pandemic began, Isa Mundo has continued to support food banks in Mexico and Philippines by donating and working with local organizations and partners who shifted our education projects to focus on basic survival initiatives such as access to food, medicine and hygiene supplies. We also began working with local organizations in Vancouver such as Kids Safe Society and Salvation Army to support lunch programs for kids and students who do not have access to 3 meals a day by providing much needed ingredients to make nutritious food and providing volunteers who are able to deliver them.

As we head into the busy holiday season, we encourage all our member and volunteers to think about various ways to support food banks but also, to think about the bigger challenge and problem of food insecurity and its root causes. We have always focused our objectives in advocacy, not only completing tangible and concrete projects in local communities, but also to provide education and solutions that can assist in tackling this global problem. We know that hunger is solvable if we all work together.

To learn more about the vision of Food Banks in Canada, visit Ending Hunger in Canada. To contribute to the global food shortage and hunger prevention, check out the work of the Global FoodBank Network at Powering Communities for Zero Hunger.

** Stats from Food Banks Canada. Photo courtesy of: Maligayang Paslit - Community Feeding Program, Bulacan Philippines.