Sunday, July 11, 2021

TAO Education Fund

We are excited to formally announce a new Isa Mundo Foundation education funding - the TAO Education Fund. Inspired by a small donation we completed in January 2021, we have had interests in expanding and continuing this support to our existing schools and education centres. The TAO Education Fund (TEF) will provide small scholarships to deserving students who show exemplary dedication to education and school work. It would also provide much needed financial support to students who may not have necessary funds to purchase school materials, uniforms and food. 

The TEF will be working closely with our schools, teachers, administrators and volunteers in Mexico, Philippines, Peru, Guatemala and Nicagua where our Isa Mundo Education Centres are located. We hope to support 4-5 students per month ranging from $100-$500 CDN. We look forward to reaching out to our existing Isa Mundo partners and network to promote and support this newly launched education fund that will improve the educational opportunities of many students globally.

About the Logo:

Chinese seals, also called chops, signets, or stamps, are historically used to prove identity of a person, a social group, a government or even the country itself. Traditionally, these seals appear on various articles such as paintings, documents, diplomas, checks and receipts. Today, these seals continue to be prominent, mostly in artistic works such as paintings and calligraphy pieces.

We designed this logo to resemble a family’s seal – the signature and symbolic embodiment of the Tao family. The Tao () last name traces back to 4,300 years ago to Emperor Yao, also known as Taotang. His descendants would later branch out to different last names, one of them being the Tao () last name.

There exists different forms of the Chinese character – Tao (), as the Chinese language evolved throughout history. For this logo, we have chosen the modern form of the character to reflect the current era of the Tao family.


Tao (or Dao) signifies "way", "path", "route" or "universe" in Chinese. There are many interpretations of Tao (Dao) such as with the doctrine attached to Taoism where humans and animals should live in balance with the universe.

In the Tagalog/Filipino language, Tao (tah-oh) means human/person and regarded as an individual. It is fitting that the TAO Education Fund's name carries important meaning in supporting young people and students to achieve their full potential.