Monday, November 12, 2018

Boca Education Project

Mundoers were on-site this week and visited the Boca school.  We are happy to report that the IMEC is doing well and many activities are being held inside the centre.  During our visit today, we were able to see students participating in various English literacy and reading lessons led by Maestra Cynthia and a volunteer.

We observed closely the interaction between teacher and students and more importantly, how the IMEC laptops and library have become part of their daily school curriculum. This allowed us to assess that we could expand in 2019 by providing additional space and technology to allow more students to access the IMEC.

We were also able to coordinate another visit next week by Mundoers (Ed and Jo) to meet the Boca students and bring another teacher from Yelapa as a guest to assess the education project in the village.  In the future, our goal is to launch an IMEC in the village of Yelapa. Stay tuned!