Friday, May 25, 2018

Mundoers in Boca de Tomatlan... AGAIN

Isa Mundo sent volunteers back to Boca de Tomatlan to follow up the successful launch of a new education project in the village.  Isa Mundo formally accepted Boca de Tomatlan as the newest Isa Mundo Education Centre (IMEC) in Mexico and will continue to support this IMEC in the future.Mundoers brought additional laptops and educational supplies; engage and work with students; and do a formal assessment of future upgrades to the learning centre. Gracias once again to ERA and staff for their support.

Mundoers were able to provide on-site update and photos to share with our members and supporters.

Blog provided by Troy Liu. 

On May 24, 2018, we visited Boca de Tomatlan, a small fishing village just south of Puerto Vallarta. The goal of this visit is to bring additional supplies such as laptops and books to the local primeria (school), to help increase its capacity and accessibility to learning tools and materials. This was a follow up visit that Isa Mundo and GYLN completed in March. We spent the morning with a class of bright and eager children, conducting activities on the laptops and decorating a fishing net to celebrate Mariners’ Day, a local festivity to honor family and friends who have been lost at sea. For many of them, this was one of their first interactions with a computer. 

It was amazing to see their reactions as they learn basic skills such as how to change the text from black to any colour of their choice. I was quickly reminded of the wonderful feeling and amazement when I first discovered what a computer was. After class, we would hear waves of laughter and splashes coming from the children at the beach. This has been an amazing experience and it really helped put things into perspective for us. We see that with the same access to resources and opportunities, these children can also chase their dreams and grow up to be anything they wish to be and contribute to their community and society at large. We would like to thank Cynthia Leigh, who coordinates the English and computer programs at the primeria.  She is an inspiration and we thank her for hosting our stay in her local accommodation. 

We can't wait to return again to this wonderful village and school. 

Troy y Yvonne