Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Boca de Tomatlan - Education Project

Isa Mundo Foundation visited Boca de Tomatlan and a start up education project focusing on English literacy and introduction to use of technology (laptops) and education software and tools to improve education attainment.

The objective is to launch the education project in partnership with the elementary school in the village and eventually having local teachers lead and manage the program with resource support from school district and other non profit organizations working in the area.

Isa Mundo is committed to support the school and current project leader (Cynthia Leigh) to deliver this project to the community.  As Cynthia stated " ... the main goal is to afford the children the opportunity to dream of brighter futures and giving them the support they need to continue with their educational goals."

We look forward to working in partnership with Cynthia and her team on this new education project in Mexico.