Friday, November 20, 2015

Appnovation meets Isa Mundo Foundation

Blog contributed by Brittany Neale, Development Specialist at Appnovation


Appnovation uses open technologies to educate, empower, and engage developing communities to create sustainable economic and social change.

Appnovation was founded in 2007 as an open source development shop specializing in the creation of websites and mobile applications for a variety of locally­based companies and non­profits. Headquartered in Vancouver, with offices around the globe in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the United States, we have set a company goal to begin to build a corporate legacy, using tech as a force for social good. This past February we launched our Corporate Citizenship program, which seeks to build partnerships with civil society, the private sector, and institutions interested in creating sustainable development and change through technology. Citizenship to Appnovation is about a commitment to being an active community member, fulfilling our duties, obligations, and desires to act as a positive force and change maker. For Appnovation, this means a sense of responsibility to our local communities, and to the world as a whole.

Since its inception, Appnovation’s Corporate Citizenship program has found strong legs within the Vancouver community. With a number of worthy organizations operating in the city, we wanted to ensure that our Citizenship partners emulated our workplace culture and core values of growth, innovation, teamwork, customer satisfaction, and openness. The Isa Mundo Foundation stood out as an ideal candidate: believing that using our skills and expertise can act as a powerful force for those in need.

As an active Corporate Citizen, Appnovation is committed to implementing projects through two methods. First, we donate developer’s hours to non­profit partners for a variety of web­based and mobile projects; second, we work with our partners to seek funds for larger scale deployments that require the assistance of third party members.

After initial meetings of introduction and determining a values alignment, Appnovation is very excited to continue a dialogue with Isa Mundo around future projects and areas of collaboration. We feel very honoured to have the opportunity to work with such a reputable and respected organization. We are greatly looking forward to what the future holds for our teams and the individuals who can truly witness technology become a tool for social change. 

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