Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Project Somos

Isa Mundo Foundation was able to meet with Denis Knox, one of the Board of Directors for Project Somos.  Isa Mundo's Director and Founder, Paul Lorilla, learned about the work of Project Somos through the St. George's Academy group who also sent volunteers to Guatemala to support construction of various infrastructure and facilities.

Project Somos is currently working to establish a village for abandoned and orphaned children in Guatemala near the town of Tecpan.  The Village will have seven family homes with Guatemalan Foster Mothers raising a household of children.  The goal is to create an eco-sustainable environment that will use alternative power, have organic agriculture and orchards. They also hope to establish Social Enterprises to provide long-term financial sustainability to support the village.

Paul learned that Project Somos' vision to improve access to education aligns well with Isa Mundo Foundation's support of providing basic primary education for all. Denis invited Paul and the Isa Mundo team to visit Project Somos in the future to see first hand the work being completed in Guatemala. We hope to travel and complete a project site visit with Project Somos in 2014.

To learn more about Project Somos and its team, visit