Friday, March 23, 2012

Sharing Success Forum

In the past few years, we have met many passionate people and organizations who have completed life changing projects in both local and global communities. Each of them bring different stories of challenges and success that have provided us with valuable tools and knowledge that have helped to complete our own projects.

In the past few months, we have been in discussion with other organizations on having a gathering that would take place weekly/monthly and allow us to bring together new ideas and share our network with each other.

This month, we developed an informal Sharing Success Forum that takes place weekly at a local coffee shop in Vancouver and attended by a few people with experience in project management locally and internationally. We would like this forum to expand into a larger and more formal setting in the coming years. It is our hope that we can continue to discuss how to turn new ideas into concrete projects through networking and partnerships.

We invite others to join us, the more the better!