Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bicycles for Humanity

We would like to highlight the work being done by Bicyles for Humanity (BFH).

BFH is a grassroots organization that works in partnership with many volunteers to ship containers of bicycles to Africa to improve mobility, gain access to food and water, efficient travel for medical help, travel to school and employment and "the first mode of transportation on their journey from poverty to a better life".

BFH knows that bicycle are one of the simplest transport technologies, they are affordable and can be maintained anywhere in the world with minimal tools and spare parts. In places where transport options are severely restricted, bicycles greatly improve personal mobility and enable people to determine their own schedules. But in the poorest communities in Africa, bicycles are still not affordable.

According to BFH, only a fraction of the rich world's bicycles are shipped to developing countries and millions of bicycles are discarded each year. BFH is working with various communities in Canada to gather bicycles to be shipped to Africa to improve the lives of families and communities.

You can learn more about the work BFH is doing by visiting their website at