Friday, May 2, 2008

The World of Diaper Pins

Isa Mundo is learning many things about the world of diaper pins through their work with the Mi bébé y yo Project in Lake Chapala, Mexico. After having visited the Project in December of 2007, Isa Mundo learned how rare diaper pins are in the area which is needed to complete the gift baskets that the project donates to mothers and new born babies in Guadalajara. Isa Mundo started looking for a supplier willing to donate diaper pins and after countless emails and phone calls we finally received an answer from April MacKinnon, owner of Nurtured Products for Parenting, a mother operated online business. April felt very moved by the work of the Foundation and agreed to form a partnership with Isa Mundo and donate the much needed diaper pins, as she mentioned, “I stand with your foundation that children are our future, regardless of where they live on the planet, and it is our job as parents to help those less fortunate.”

For all the parents out there looking for environmentally sustainable products provided by a Canadian based company please visit their website at