Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sunlight at Night

Isa Mundo is pleased to announce a major donation by Cosmos Ignite Inc to complete our project in La Nueva Providencia in Guatemala. Isa Mundo has been working closely with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Marquette University Chapter to complete a hydro electric project that will bring electricity to village for the first time. One of the most needed materials is light. In order to save electricity in the village, EWB determined that small solar powered LED lights can be used for each of the 35 homes in the village. Cosmos Ignite, the creator of the ' Mighty Lights ' kindly cut the cost of their solar panel and LED lights in half, allowing Isa Mundo to purchase the lights at a much cheaper cost.

Cosmos Ignite’s goal is to bring disruptive technology through innovative products delivered through a sustainable model. The Mighty Lights truly are MIGHTY. They have a very long life and can last up to 30 years and will provide light for education and increase income generation potential through livelihoods such as sewing, weaving, handicrafts, etc.. More importantly, it will eliminate dangerous flames and pollution smoke from indoor light sources, thus improving air quality in the home. The Mighty Lights will also reduce deforestation caused by dependence on wood or charcoal thus become non polluting and environmentally friendly.

How good is that! We are launching the Light Up a Home Campaign to raise funds and ensure that every home in La Providencia gets their "sunlight at night".

The innovation of the Mighty Lights can be witnessed at: