Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Isa Mundo visits Lake Chapala, Mexico

Isa Mundo traveled to Mexico to visit potential future projects. The first project was in Lake Chapala about an hour from Guadalajara where we visited an organization called Asociacion Comunitaria de Autosuficiencia (ACA) which is founded by two Canadian women, Wendee Hill and Marie Pruden. ACA is an agricultural education association that fosters development of self-sufficient farming methods in Mexican communities. ACA's farming facility is a great example of sustainable and environmental techniques being utilized in the area. We learned that farming and the misuse of dangerous chemicals, has been blamed for almost half of the contamination in Lake Chapala. ACA's programs are developed to prepare youths, families and farmers from many Mexican communities with training in organic farming, food production, and water and environmental conservation. Isa Mundo will be looking for potential partners and funding that could help sustain the ACA programs.

Check out their website for more info at

We were also fortunate to meet Lynda & Pancho who are involved in a great program called Mi bébé y yo, which focuses on providing basic needs, such as blankets, diaper pins, cloth diapers to mothers and new born babies living in Guadalajara’s poorest community. The supplies are delivered directly to the Guadalajara Hospital Civil where medical services are free for those who cannot afford it and where medical and basic supplies such as baby blankets often run out. Isa Mundo donated diaper pins and intends to donate more supplies to Mi bébé y yo in the near future.