Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seven Billion and Counting

In the year 2012,  the world's population reached over 7 billion and continues to grow by more than 80 million people per year. According to the Media Population Centre:

" The extreme growth in human population – now counted by an additional billion people every 12 to 13 years — is mortally taxing the Earth and its resources. Each individual person has a unique impact on the planet’s environment. Some people may be relatively less damaging than others, but no living individual is without an ecological footprint. In other words, each person needs basic resources and almost all people aspire to utilize significantly more resources than are required by their basic needs".

This means that great pressure is being placed on land, water, energy, and resources to provide an adequate supply of food while maintaining the integrity of the world's ecosystem.  In addition, the increase in population, specially in developing countries and less fortunate communities, will influence the demand for education and could hinder efforts to achieve education objectives.

More than ever, we are now part of a global community where someone's actions locally can have an effect elsewhere in the world. There are many challenges facing us but we also have solutions to our problems if we work together in partnership and collaboration.

Isa Mundo Foundation will continue to support projects that focus on conservation, efficiency, and green technologies. We will also strive to promote educational quality for children and youth and increase access to basic education in regions we have visited.

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Media Population Centre